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Help us, O God,
to become masters of ourselves
that we may become the servants of others.
Take our lips and speak through them,
our minds and think through them,
and take our hearts and set them on fire.

Shooter; My Heart's on Fire
Born December 9, 1992
Died February 3, 2007
A.K.C. TM93312/02
Einstein Von Dustinmopper
A.K.C. TC964425
      Zoe's Song of Life      
A.K.C. TD359494
Justaluv's Bronco Billy
A.K.C. TC341985
Woodcres Silver Star
A.K.C. TC34195
Ch Nikkos Anchor
Man of Bejaze
A.K.C. TC998237
Bejaze Precious Pixie
A.K.C. TD040361
Jolea's Lucky Star
Buttonbright Radiant Star
Nikkos Rolls Royce Manhattan *
Jofre's Kwitch- erbellyachin
Ch Nikkos Here Comes Johnny
Nikkos Skyes Unlimited
Ch Jeromes Cheyenne Autumn Wind
Just A Luv's Alamande
Sire(15) Ch Vassar Square Mr. Skif- fington Dam(16) Ch Eden Valley Sassy Lassie Sire(17) Yorkoboro Get Use To It Dam(18) Bryn Mawr's Blythe Sire(19) Ch Nikkos Rolls Royce Phantom * Dam(20) Nikkos April Cherry Blossom Sire(21) Ch B.I.S. Shadow- mountain Dam(22) Ch Jofre's Pennies from Heaven Sire(23) Ch Nikkos Rolls Royce Ashley Dam(24) Nikkos My Fair Lady Sire(25) Ch Nikkos Here Comes Johnny Dam(26) Nikkos Star Fire Sire(27) Show Offs Little Dandy Dam(28) Bryn Mawr's Ode to Ruby Sire(29) Azure's Tuffy McWhite Dam(30) Just A Luv's Candy Kisses
S.31 Ch CeDe Hig- gens * D.32 Ch Vas- sar Sq. Tulip S.33 Ch Be- holda Sch- lemiel D.34 Ch Blue- creek Whiff O' Nut- Meg S.35 Ch May- fair Bar- ban Jam- oca D.36 Joly's Duty Free S.37 Ch Kir- nel's Buck- aroo D.38 Wind- shav- en's Son- net S.39 Ch Nik- kos Rolls Royce Corn- iche D.40 Nik- kos Cap- tiv- ating Char- mer S.41 Ch Nik- kos Nich- olas Nick- leby D.42 Nik- kos Ora- nge Blos- som S.43 Ch Kaji- manor Olde Spice Show Offs Little Dandy D.44 Buch- er's Bit O Wind S.45 Ch Flory's Mr. Gray D.46 Fren- ch's Sweet Bon- Bon S.47 Ch Nik- kos Rolls Royce D.48 Nik- kos Fire God- dess S.49 Nik- kos I Did It Again D.50 Nik- kos Fire God- dess S.51 Ch Nik- kos Rolls Royce Ash- ley D.52 Nik- kos My Fair Lady S.53 Ch Nik- kos Rolls Royce D.54 Nik- kos Flam- ing Jub- ilee S.55 Show Offs Andy the Candy Man D.56 Show Offs Ode to Peso S.57 Show Offs Andy the Candy Man D.58 Show Offs Dia- mond Glit- tes S.59 Capris Nic Nac D.60 Azure Rag- doll Sam- antha S.61 Char- les the Great D.62 Rain Drop

* In Alex's Pedigree (Also indicated by a lighter background).  Interestingly, all males.
Check it out.  Maybe we're related!

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