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Whiskey This is Whiskey, Eric's first Yorkshire Terrier and the predecessor to Shooter.

This picture was taken when Whiskey was about 10 years old. Although he didn't normally wear glasses, here Whiskey is trying to look cool.

It wasn't until Shooter was a few years old that we realized that both "Shooter" and "Whiskey" both had an alcoholic ring to their names. This was unintentional -- "Shooter" was named after Michael Douglas's nickname in Basic Instinct.

Whiskey did a lot of sailing, and here he's pictured in his favorite berth.
Whiskey was house-trained to go on newspapers. When spending a weekend on the sailboat in Catalina, we'd go ashore every few hours to walk and relieve him. One sunny afternoon we may have been overdue on our duties and were relaxing and reading the newspaper. Whiskey walked over to exactly where I was reading, lifted his leg, and proceeded to pee on the article I was reading. What can you say? "Good Boy!"

This was taken in a local park one afternoon when Whiskey was about five years old. Here, Whiskey's feeling especially TALL.

Whiskey was the original watchdog at Eric's business Castle Navigation in the early 1980s. He never missed a day of work; he loved customers and hated salespeople.

Sometime around 1982, Eric went to Europe for a month and his folks baby-sat Whiskey in his absence. That's all it took for Eric's mom to fall in love with Whiskey. After that, Whiskey frequently stayed with the folks until at some point he was adopted.


Whisflor This is Whiskey playing on the carpet.

Whiskey died in 1993, when Shooter was still a puppy. Whiskey fell into a Jacuzzi at the folk's house and drowned. The spa had a floating plastic cover and Whiskey was probably trapped underneath it and couldn't get air. Whiskey's death was extremely hard on the whole family.

About a year later, Eric's folks got a Yorkie puppy, Skipper who lived with them in La Quinta, CA.

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