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Me as a puppy
This is me as a puppy.  I have more
pictures in my Photo Gallery.
I have lots of Yorkie pictures around the house and on my desk that folks would snail-mail and e-mail in.  But since I died (February 3, 2007) I'm out of the Yorkie picture adding business.  Not to fret.  We have 35 pages of Yorkie photos.

Cute Yorkie Paco
Paco loves his business cards.

My Predecessor, the Late Whiskey

My sweet ol' Mom Zoe

This is Stephanie's Yorkie Martha. Martha is a retired champion from Bejaze Yorkies.
Click Martha's picture for a larger picture.

Demi, Paco's mom
This is Paco's mom Demi. Demi is a beautiful Yorkie from Bejaze Yorkies.
Click Demi's picture for a larger picture.

Yorkie Skipper
Eric's Folk's Dog Skipper

Our Neighbor's Yorkie Harlow

The other Shooter
The OTHER Shooter
I figured that there were other dogs named Shooter, but now I know another YORKIE named Shooter. Here's little Shooter with his cat buddy Buttercup. How did this Shooter get his name? He came from the breeder with it!
Isn't he cute? They live in Groveport, Ohio.

Sophie's 1st B-day
2 lbs., 1 oz. Sophie's First Birthday

Sophie's Birthday Party
Sophie's Birthday Party
Sophie, Shooter (Me), Lucky,
Koby, and Sweet Pea

More Yorkies:

Page 2: Muchacho, Raphael, Rocky and Chiquita, Maxi and Misty, Kiwi, Ember, Bambi, Sweetie, Beau, and Ginger

Page 3: Princess, Muffin, Teddy Bear, Maddey, Cato, Sir Walter, Princess, Rebel, Mop Dog, and Alex

Page 4: Quaker and Ulises, Monios Rojos with her Puppies, Pipoca (Popcorn), Ginger, Cassie and Corky, Truffles, Gizmo, Simon, Gidget, and Bubba

Page 5: Zachery, Joy, Hope, Faith, and Love, Toto, Tinker Toy's litter, Ch. Judmar Baby Boy, Sir William, Scotty, Buffi, Sir Pip, and Keighley

Page 6: CeDe, Chet, Bronco Billy, Mandy, Scooter, Petie, Lucy, Mila, Rosebud, Jake, Roxie, Ballie, Rhokki, and Harlee

Page 7: BooBoo, Blitzen and Chloe, Dog Team, Bearlee, Roscoe, Chance, Audrey, Miles, Barkley and Charlie, Isabel, and Flossie

Page 8: Cuddles, Hadden, Clancy, Kesha, BeBe, Teddy, Valentine, Cricket and Phoebe, Margee, Benji, Brutus, and Newton and Tosh,

Page 9: Jessina, Hootch, Peaches and Biscuit, Sparky and Shadow, Roxie and Cricket, Kasey and Winston, Punkin, Bailey, Max, Beau, and Mandy and Annie,

Page 10: Boo, ChuCha, Alex, Sammy and Pepper, Lexi, Six Yorkies, Spunky, Peanuts, Yancy, Sponti and Cremonese, and Chloe

Page 11: Ding Dong, Maggie Mae, Shampagne and Muffin, Bear, Skeeter, Scooter, and Nikki, Drawer Full of Yorkies, Darby and Maxmillion, Jacques, Annalissee, Angie, Stormi, and EmmyLou and Skruffy

Page 12: Skooter, Chez and Fergie, Suky, Max, Taylor, Brewster and Abigail, Wolfgang and Bear, Ginger and Amber, Tyson, Maya, and Izzy

Page 13: Toby, Bonnie and Clyde, Skoshi, Dino, Polly, Sophie, Gomer, Teddy Bear, Bunny, Misty, and the other Shooter, Misty, and Doc

Page 14: Bridget, Willy, Elmo, Baby, Maya, Monica, Star, Skipper, Jojo, Gizmo, and Spanky

Page 15: Barkley, Holly, Andy, Sydney, Marley and Winston, Isis and Wolf, Sprite, Bobo, Sampson, Barão, Brooke and Lisa, and Max

Page 16: Moose, Coco, Baby, Jack, Sammy, Artie and Belle, Bobo, Skeeter, Dylan, Chloe, and Scarlett

Page 17: Ben, Oliver, Rugger, Precious, Feebee, George, Sunshine, Oscar, Lucy, Violet, and Nick

Page 18: Star, Fancy and Harley, Socrates, Duffy, Sparky, Lyric, Cami and Kristy, Albo, Beau'D, Kibbles, Buttons, Toby, and Bite-tor

Page 19: Iggy, Blue, Amber Sue, Romeo and Juliet, Peps, Laica, Sally, Scootter, Moxie, Chewy, and Lucy

Page 20: Dryfus, Tiger, Tommy, Teddy, Cassie, Lucy, Tippy, and Peppy, Casy, Sammie, Lorenzo and Tyler, Teaspoon, and Buttons

Page 21: Rayna, Sarah, Glet, Hunny, and Buster, Rocky, Jake, Pebbles, Shari, Jordyn, Baylee, Bijou, and Bubba Tegg

Page 22: Yoshi, Wyatt, Babe, Max, Estes, Lady Guinevere, Chloe, Sydney, Libby, Pete, and Babsy

Page 23: Genie, Angel and Katie, Nikki, Josh, Duchess, Mikee, Zoe, Jake, Nacho, and Sugar,

Page 24: Tippy, Pebbles, Max, Kandi, Penny, Bailey, Timee, Fast Eddie, Daisy and Rosie,

Page 25: Bubbles, Dinky, Sharkey and Jasmine, Toby, Maddie, Alex, Bailey, Cindy, Louie, Spunky, and Rudy and Wiffit

Page 26: Mindy and Wolfie, Peppie and Tony, Haley, Punkin, Scooter, Sammy, Pocket, Taffy, August, Teddy, and Gidget

Page 27: Aimee, Sherlock, Brittany, Delta, Savannah, and Beau, Chica, Columbo, Skooter Bug, Angus, Earl Grey, and Teensey

Page 28: Lexi, Randy, Roscoe, Roxie, Spanky, Baxter, Cassee, Quinn, Morgan, and Tate

Page 29: Mockey, Max, Gizmo, Cortney and Sasha, Cody, Brittany and Lilly, Eisy, Dezzy, Pippin, Harley, and Toby

Page 30: Boomer, Betsy and Bailey, Heidi, Tessie, Luke, Maxx, Rowdy's Gang, Abby and Tilly, Mignon, Chewy, Lucy and Daisy, and Ginger

Page 31: Lilly, Karlie and Cookie, Fancy and Tinkerbelle, Winston, Duffey, Muffin and Brandy, Angus and Sabrina, Herkie and Mindy, My Precious lil' Bit and Lady Tatiana Anastasia Tiffany.

Page 32: Goma-chat, Dasher, Josie, Gussie, Packer Backer 97, Kiwi, Zadig, Bubba, Jasper, and Deuce.

Page 33: Chloe, Shari, Spanky, Bengi, Cecil, Roxy and Trixie, Rocky, Megi, Max and Moritz, and Niper.

Page 34: Ferinonn, Kissie, Bibsey, Beau, Crikey and Jasmin and Poppy, Barcley, Coty Blue, Sam, Willow, and Maddie.

Page 35: Mikie, Scarlett, Pocket, Bo, Buster, Kenzi, Rikki, Vega Santini, Baby Doll, Rambo, and Collies

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Shooter's Photo Tips:

1) Avoid cheap cameras. It's impossible to take a good picture of a Yorkie with cheap digital or a disposable camera. If you still use a 35mm camera, use fast ISO 400 film. Focus on the dog's eyes. Many people don't center the subject and the camera focuses on the background, resulting in a blurry pet. If you have a manually focused camera, then spend some time to focus. Most bad pictures aren't properly focused, or have motion blur form the dog moving.

2) Take close ups. Yorkies are small -- Get up close or use a telephoto or zoom lens.

3) Take a picture outside in the shade or in a well-lit room. Full sunlight often makes for a picture of a squinting Yorkie. Bright shade is the best. When inside, natural light and indoor halogen lamps offer the best lighting.

4) If you have a small camera with the flash one inch away from the lens, then shut the flash off. If you have an external flash, use it, and if it will bounce flash, do so. Even outside, fill-in flash creates a softer photograph. Use the flash when shooting inside and turn on the red-eye-reduction feature. Even when using a flash, use plenty of light. This will prevent the pet's eyes from dilating. Otherwise, your beautiful dog will have giant green eyes and appear possessed. Also, the camera's bright flash in a dark room can damage a puppy's eyes.

5) Consider the background. Find a simple, contrasting background. Not a brown and black background for your brown and black Yorkie. Avoid cluttered, confusing backgrounds. That pattern on your sofa won't look so good next to your Yorkie.

6) Get your Yorkie's ears to stand up. Make a weird sound, squeak a toy, or say the Yorkie's name.

7) Take 10 pictures to get one that you like. Puppys are even harder to photograph.

Paw Line

Meet Paco, the newest Yorkie puppy on the block
¡Hola Paco! ¿Qué tal? Come meet Paco, the newest Yorkie puppy on the block.

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