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I receive a lot of letters from folks asking where they can buy a beautiful and healthy Yorkshire Terrier.  To help out, I've compiled a listing of Yorkshire Terrier breeders throughout the world.  Just click your area on the map below and I'll give you a listing of Yorkie breeders in your area.

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My mission is for you to get a healthy and happy Yorkie that will bring you many years of joy and happiness.  I feel strongly that finding a responsible breeder is critical to this, and I personally suggest that you stay clear of pet stores (often stocked by puppy mills) and backyard breeders (who breed whatever they or their neighbors have, without any thought to the characteristics or health of the offspring).  Finding a puppy should be a happy experience for both you, the dog, and the breeder.
Please note that I do not accept any compensation from breeders for this service.  Zip, nada -- These are all free listings and I'm not accepting any more (since I'm now dead and all).

I'm a busy dog, and I can't check all these breeders out, nor do I accept responsibility for their business conduct.
All of these breeders have all responded to my comprehensive survey and the information that I provide is based on that survey.  We're trusting them to be honest in their answers to this survey.  You need to do your homework, ask questions, get references, look carefully at the puppy and its surroundings, check out the mother and father Yorkies (dam and sire), insist on a bill of sale IN WRITING, and see what it covers.  These survey questions are a good guide.  When you get your new Yorkie, make an appointment with a vet and have it checked out within 48 hours.
While you are evaluating breeders, please realize that good breeders will also interview YOU to make sure that you'll provide a suitable loving home for one of their puppies.

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