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These are the questions I ask all breeders who apply to my Global Yorkshire Terrier Breeder Network.  You'll see the questions are very comprehensive and are intended to give you an overview of the Yorkie breeders in your area.  This is only one tool to assist you in finding the Yorkie of your dreams.  The survey information is no substitute for the detailed research a potential Yorkie owner should perform -- Like learning more about their breeding program, obtaining references from the breeder, talking to other breeders, as well as to a few of the breeder's pet owners.

As I mentioned before, be ready for a good breeder to ask you a ton of questions.  You too, will have to measure up to their standards.

Breeder Survey:
How long have you been breeding Yorkies?

What is your average number of Yorkie litters per year?

Approximate percentage of litters that are Champion Sired?

Do you sell puppies or breeding stock to puppy mills, puppy wholesalers, or retailers?

Do you sell Pet Quality puppies with limited registration papers (not for breeding), or require a Spay Neuter Contract?

Do you offer a health certificate or veterinary approval?

Do you provide a written health guarantee for all puppies/dogs and if so, what is covered?

Does Bill of Sale identify puppy with litter number and registered name of Sire and Dam?

Do you have stipulations on your Bill of Sale as to the quality of the puppy sold, i.e., Show Prospect, Pet Quality only, or Show Quality?

At what age do you allow your puppies to leave your premises?

How many vaccinations will the puppy have before it leaves your premises?

What is the average life span of Yorkies from your line?

Do you ship puppies and if so, under what circumstances?

Are the parents of your puppies within the size range of the stipulated Yorkshire Terrier Standard?

Are you a licensed and inspected kennel?

Do you assist in finding a new home for puppies sold if they should become unwanted for any reason?

What is the average age at which males and females are retired from your breeding program?

What do you do with your dogs after they are retired from your breeding program?

Even if you should find a Yorkie breeder on your own, make use of these questions to make sure that the breeder is reputable.  Good luck with your new Yorkie!

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