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Toby in Daddy's Chair

Bonnie & Clyde
Toby's buddies
Bonnie & Clyde

Skoshi (means "a little bit" in Japanese) at 8 weeks old

Dino scouting out the area
in Newcastle, England

Polly, now waiting by
the Rainbow Bridge

Sophie, the little Cajun
girl from Louisiana
That's either a big
Yorkie or a small chair

Gomer from Saltillo, MS

Teddy Bear
Lisa's Teddy Bear
from Centre, Alabama

Bunny, Misty, and Shooter
Bunny, Misty, and the other
in Groveport, Ohio

Misty with
Shooter's Hamburger

Doc Holiday
Doc, named after
Doc Holiday in
the movie Tombstone

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Best Engraving in the Tropics

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