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Star, the Liver Shunt Baby I own one of the most beautiful and sweetest creatures that God ever put on the face of this earth.  She has taught me compassion to an extent that I could never fathom before.  She has taught me bravery that I never knew existed in animals.  She has taught me to love beyond my wildest dreams and she will teach me heartache I have never known before.  She is my heart, she is the light that shines so brightly in her eyes when she looks at me in gratitude for helping her through another spell.  She is my little liver shunt baby that I know I will lose sooner than should be.  She has too many shunts for surgery to fix.
Five times I have sat through her spells holding her and crying over her not knowing if she will live through the night or not.  Watching her little 3 lb. body jerk and listening to her cries of pain so weak but loud enough to pierce my heart like a bolt of thunder that shook my entire being.  This IS the face of liver shunt and if test will eventually eradicate it then please let's do it quickly.
God did not put humans or animals on this earth to suffer in the way these babies suffer.  They are not "just dogs" -- they are living breathing forms of life that live and suffer in the same way we do.  If Liver shunt were a human problem everyone who had it or knew of anyone that had it would be rushing to stop it.  This only my opinion and after all I only own and love a liver shunt baby.
Jean Fritz, Mesquite, TX

What's Liver Shunt and what can be done about it?  Learn more!
Star, the Liver Shunt
Baby in Mesquite, TX

Fancy and Harley
Fancy and father Harley
from Doylesburg, PA

from Minnesota

Duffy is only 1 1/2 pounds
at five years of age

Sparky, Lyric, Cami and Kristy
Sparky, Lyric, Cami and Kristy

Albo at 14 months old

Beau'D, a Golden
Rule Packer fan

Kibbles, from Chico, Texas

Buttons, from Ijamsville, MD

Toby at 10 months old

Bite-tor the

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