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from Dallas


from Panama City

from Atlanta

from Maryville

Rikki from Mesa, Arizona
practicing good dental hygiene.

Vegas Santini
Vegas Santini
from New York

Baby Doll
Baby Doll
from Palm Springs

Rascal and Bruce
Rascal and Bruce

Rambo from Fresno, CA
Rambo from Fresno, CA

Hashi & Echo
Hashi and Echo from
Startanburg, SC swear
that they're Yorkies.
Looks like Lassie times two to
me. Write and tell me if they
should stay.

  The letters come in:
Hey Shooterdog,
Collies may have some merit in their own world, but we are a household full of Yorkies. Imagine our shock when I pulled up the web page and found those scoundrels!
We promise to send you super-high quality photos of some super cute Yorkies.
But please, NO BIG DOGS! It's like there in another realm, or something? All the other dog owners have other breeds because they haven't discovered how awesome Yorkies are.
We don't have any Yorkies over 4lbs. in our crew. Small rules!!!!
Rhokki, Bridget, and Gidget. (The last two may be puppies but they have their own opinion)

I love the collies - they're beautiful. I think that they should stay since they are fellow long hairs.

About the collies, I LOVE them, even if they're not Yorkies, you shouldn't hold it against them. I think they should stay on your page cause I've always had a "soft spot" in my heart for collies. I even begged my own Dad when I was 12 yrs old to get me a Lassie dog and he I grew up with my own collie "Rusty", before I knew anything about Yorkies!
Terri Shumsky and the Vassar Square Yorkies!

Hey Shooter,
Yea I think the Lassie dog twins should have the right to think of themselves as yorkies cause ya know, being a yorkie is a priveledge granted to an elete few. Let them think they are as cool as us.

How on earth could you eject Lassie and his brother, especially when they are obviously under the delusion that they are robust Yorkies? You can clearly see that "I'm a Yorkie and you're not" expression on their face. I must admit however, Katie, our 2 year old Yorkie does not agree, but you know how opinionated and just a little bit haughty some Yorkies can be. The Errico household votes 2 to 1 to keep the Collies.

Hey Shooter
Let the Lassie's stay. They are no threat to us.
In fact they are quite handsome. Almost as handsome as us.
Boo & the gang

I must tell you that other viewers of your precious photos may find the Tri-Collie pictures out of place, I find them heart- warming and beautiful. Shortly before my mother passed away, we lost our gorgeous tri-collie, Dusty, to old age. We miss him very much and, to me, those pictures seemed to be a great coincidence and a wonderful memory of those things that I've lost but, also, of the very special things that I have! God Bless You!

They are obviously confused and think that they are Yorkies. We say, let em stay. We can get them some counseling and thinking like a Collie again in no time at all.
Once they are healed, we should vote again!

Yes, Shooter, let the collies stay! My mom's first dog was a collie, and although I fit her lifestyle better, they are wonderful too! Sometimes my mom even thinks I might be her reincarnated collie.
Sara Sundance.

What's up with those Collies on the picture page?!? Isn't your Site strictly for us Yorkies? Sure, the Collies may be delusional and think that they're Yorkies, but they are NOT! They can stay on if they behave and don't mess the carpet, but the second they break those rules? OUTTA THERE!!

If the collies want to stay, we say let them, but be sure that they realize what a privilege it is to be on a website full of Yorkies. Maybe you could set up a separate page for "Yorkie Wannabes"

About the Lassie dogs, if they are smart enough to wish they were Yorkies enough to actually believe they are, then let them stay; but don't allow copy cat big dogs to follow. Reward them for their Yorkie courage and spunk, and for their originality.
Christine & Iggy

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