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Terri Shumsky was a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to breeding and caring for toy dogs, mainly Yorkies, for over 30 years. She was an AKC approved judge and raised over 35 homebred champions. In 2000, she wrote her own book titled, How to Buy and Raise a Good Healthy Dog. Her articles have been published in ‘The AKC Gazette’ and other breed publications. Terri was also a leading advocate of fundraising for the treatment of liver shunt. She often donated proceeds from the sales of hand made handicrafts
Terri Shumsky
Terri and her cute Yorkie Puppies
for the research and treatment of liver shunt. Having lost a dog of her own to the disease, Terri was sympathetic with dog owners who could not afford to have the expensive liver shunt surgery and offered to pay for a portion of the treatment from funds collected through the Fanny Mae Liver Shunt Fund.

Terri owned and operated the website which offered helpful information on Yorkshire Terriers, useful links, Yorkie pictures and a store of hand crafted gifts made by Terri herself. There is now a memorial page for Terri at

Terri had been battling kidney failure and went in to have a shunt inserted for dialysis. Unfortunately, the surgery did not go as planned and doctors had to induce a coma. Her condition was deteriorating and her family made the decision to take her off life support. Her husband, John had been battling Parkinson's for many years and his condition dramatically worsened as Terri became ill. They were taken off life support on the same day and they passed away within hours of each other on March 26, 2005

Terri had been kind enough for so many years to answer all types of questions posted about Yorkies on my website.

Many people who have been touched by Terri and John Shumsky have been kind enough to share their thoughts with us.

Tribute to Terri from Terry Van Kirk at DaZHill Yorkies
Tribute to Terri from DeeGee in Sunapee, NH
Tribute to Terri from Paulette "barbie" Young
Tribute to Terri from Barb Beck in Indiana, NW
Tribute to Terri from Donna, Roman, Mikey, Sweetie & Maxwell
Tribute to Terri and John from Deb, Family and the Ridgecrest Yorkies
Tribute to Terri and John from Valerie in Seattle with BeBe & Scootie
Tribute to Terri from Toni Lowery at Yorkieland
Tribute to Terri from Vicci Doyle
Tribute to Terri and John from Karen at Yorkieland
Tribute to Terri and John from Lois Doswell in Morgan Hill, CA
Tribute to Terri and John from Bill and Smoky
Tribute to Terri from Maxwell's Mom, Karen Coffey

Dr. Dale Heisler
Dr. Dale A. Heisler, D.V.M.
We are happy to announce that Dr. Dale A. Heisler, D.V.M. of Rockingham Animal Hospital in Reidsville, NC has consented to accept questions from our visitors regarding Yorkie medical problems.  Dr. Dale and his wife Vicki are both Yorkie lovers and have several living with him including a tiny 2-pound Thumbelina.  Not only does Dr. Dale help with Yorkie Rescue, but he has been very helpful to many Yorkie owners.  Thanks Dr. Dale and welcome to AlexFAQ.  We are so happy to have you join us.

Questions: (Click question to read the answer)
I need some tips on house training my Yorkie puppy. Should I paper train, crate train, or what?
What can I do to help my new puppy adjust to our house?
Where can I get a Yorkie puppy and how do I find a good breeder?
My Yorkie puppy's ears are flopping down. Is there anything I can do?
How often should I bathe my Yorkie and what shampoos, conditioners, and oils should I use?
What immunizations are required for my Yorkie?
What's a good feeding regiment for Yorkies?
Should I consider breeding my Yorkie?
Is it best to have my pet Yorkie neutered?
Do I have to brush my Yorkie's teeth?
My vet said my Yorkie has pattella problem. What's that?
My puppy hasn't eaten and is lethargic. Could it be hypoglycemia?
My Yorkie needs surgery. What should I know about anesthesia and intubating?
What is Liver Shunt?
What is a Teacup Yorkie? Is that just backyard breeder hype?
What is a Chocolate Yorkie? Is it rare?
My Yorkie has a dry hacking cough that sounds like something is stuck in her throat. Could it be tonsilitis?
What shall I do for my Yorkie's bloody diarrhea and what is HGE?
How in the world do you tie a Yorkie's hair in a topknot?
My dog has black slimy ears now and I was told this was winter ear. What can I do about it?
Why does my puppy eat his stool?
My dog is always rubbing his butt on the ground. Does that mean he has worms?
I'm pretty domestic. Can I make toys for my Yorkie?
How can I make a comfortable Cuddle Bed for my Yorkie?
Can I make bows for my Yorkie's topknot?
My yorkie always breaks away and runs to other people. What can I do?

Terri's Book
Terri's Book
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Vassar Square Yorkies
Vassar Square Yorkies

That's Shooter's great great
grandpa Mr. Skiffington
E-MailE-Mail Dr. Dale Heisler
For Technical Medical questions.

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