Alex Tribute To Terri Shumsky
Terri was a remarkable woman, gifted in so many ways, and willing to share her gifts for the betterment not only of her first love, Yorkies, but for dogs and their people everywhere. Visit her site at and you will see a parade of champions that tells the story of her life of dedication to our breed. When she retired from breeding she became a tireless advocate for education, fundraising and research into liver shunt. For many years, through Alex's FAQ, she dispensed invaluable advice on proper care of Yorkies. She authored two books and was also an accomplished artist. This amazingly talented woman was as bighearted as she was talented. I remember sitting on her couch one night in 1998 listening to her tell the story of Eliza, which you can read on her website. Eliza died tragically in 1981, but Terri cried inconsolably as if the event had just happened. Her heart had burst when she went to the University Hospital to find that the esteemed doctors had not only ended 7-weeks-pregnant Eliza's life accidentally, but they had thrown all her six puppies into the trash. Terri hadn't stopped grieving in all those years. Terri was my first Yorkie guru, and she guided me well. I will never be able to call her or visit her again, and that makes me unbelievably sad. But every encounter I had with her is still freshly imprinted on my mind, as if it happened only yesterday. I think that's because of the enormous vitality of her personality. I admired so much her vast knowledge, and most of all her greatest gift which was to be able to quickly penetrate the most confusing moral issues that breeding sometimes raises and deliver sound and practical advice... and she was always right!

Goodbye dear friend.... We will miss you very much and we are very, very sad that you had to leave us.

Terry Van Kirk
DaZHill Yorkies

Tribute to Terri from Terry Van Kirk at DaZHill Yorkies
Tribute to Terri from DeeGee in Sunapee, NH
Tribute to Terri from Paulette "barbie" Young
Tribute to Terri from Barb Beck in Indiana, NW
Tribute to Terri from Donna, Roman, Mikey, Sweetie & Maxwell
Tribute to Terri and John from Deb, Family and the Ridgecrest Yorkies
Tribute to Terri and John from Valerie in Seattle with BeBe & Scootie
Tribute to Terri from Toni Lowery at Yorkieland
Tribute to Terri from Vicci Doyle
Tribute to Terri and John from Karen at Yorkieland
Tribute to Terri and John from Lois Doswell in Morgan Hill, CA
Tribute to Terri and John from Bill and Smoky
Tribute to Terri from Maxwell's Mom, Karen Coffey
Message posted FROM Terri, April 18, 2001

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