Alex Tribute To Terri Shumsky
Today I was unpacking things to put away. We have been doing some remodeling and things have been in boxes forever. Well I came across something that Terri had made for me. Well let's just say that everything got a wonderful washing with tears. She had made them and had them on e-bay.
She said she was not going to make any more. They took a lot of time and it was hard to get all of the things it took to put the set together. Well needless to say I did not win any of the ones on e-bay. So when chatting with Terri one day I told her how much I just loved that set. Well the next thing I knew she was contacting me and letting me know that she had everything to make the set. Would I make a donation to the Liver Shunt Foundation? I told her why of course. So in about a month she contacted me and told me it was ready to mail. Well that is what I found today while unpacking. It just means so much to me. I have many pieces that she has made over the years but none that touch me like this set she made for me. What a special lady. Like I all ways told her she was the best. Truly the best.

When ever something would happen with my most precious little one Maxwell I would send her a post and it was like she was just sitting there in front of the computer to answer me. I all ways thanked God that she was there for this hyper mother. Maxwell and I send prayers to all of Terri and John's family. I feel we that loved them and had a special place in our hearts for them are all apart of that family. So everyone please know that I feel your pain too, and I know that now when I pray when Maxwell is having a problem I will get the answer from Heaven now.

I do remember once Maxwell was ill and I taken him to the vet and was not getting the results that I thought I should be getting. So I contacted Terri. She told me what to do and not to waste time. So I went right to my vet and told him what I needed for Maxwell to start improving. He asks me when I went to vet school. I told him where I got my information. Well needless to say most vets do not like breeders or others that have been working with a breed like Terri to tell them what they should be doing. Well we had words. I did get what I was told to get by Terri, and Maxwell started to improve right away. I never told him I told you so, but I was and will all ways be great full to Terri. I believe that she saved Maxwell's life from the West Coast to the East Coast. She knew what she was talking about.

Peace be with you Terri and John and some wonderful day I will be able to meet you both face to face and meet all of our wonderful babies.

Thanks so much for listening while I run my fingers on and on.

Maxwell's Mom,
Karen Coffey

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Message posted FROM Terri, April 18, 2001

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