Alex Tribute To Terri Shumsky
It is very sad, but it's also time to celebrate Terri's life. She was an amazing woman -stronger than most - with a heart as big as all outdoors. Strong-willed for sure, but rightfully so. She didn't give advice indiscriminately.. she knew what she was talking about. Terri had a way about her that let you know she meant business, but at the same time was so supportive of so many people and their Yorkies. She will indeed be missed, but she left a legacy.... she shared her knowledge with so many either directly, or indirectly through her book, writing, video, phone calls, and participation on lists like Yorkiechat, and for that I am thankful.

No, I never met Terri, but having been on Yorkiechat and other lists for the past 8 years, I feel that I knew her. When I first was looking for a Yorkie I joined a few lists and that's where I became aware of a woman who had such a fund of knowledge about Yorkies that I couldn't help but learn. I emailed with her a few times, mostly for information or direction, and she was always quick to respond and quick to teach.

Terri lived a good long life doing what she loved, and we're all fortunately to have been able to learn from her. She and John had a special bond, and it seems almost romantic that they depart this world together. They'll be healthy now, and will live on in eternity together. Fly with the angels, Terri, John will be there to meet you soon, and you'll be surrounded by all the Yorkies and their human families who have gone before you. The Lord will surely welcome you with open arms, and I somehow know you'll be smiling down on all of us.

in Sunapee, NH

Tribute to Terri from Terry Van Kirk at DaZHill Yorkies
Tribute to Terri from DeeGee in Sunapee, NH
Tribute to Terri from Paulette "barbie" Young
Tribute to Terri from Barb Beck in Indiana, NW
Tribute to Terri from Donna, Roman, Mikey, Sweetie & Maxwell
Tribute to Terri and John from Deb, Family and the Ridgecrest Yorkies
Tribute to Terri and John from Valerie in Seattle with BeBe & Scootie
Tribute to Terri from Toni Lowery at Yorkieland
Tribute to Terri from Vicci Doyle
Tribute to Terri and John from Karen at Yorkieland
Tribute to Terri and John from Lois Doswell in Morgan Hill, CA
Tribute to Terri and John from Bill and Smoky
Tribute to Terri from Maxwell's Mom, Karen Coffey
Message posted FROM Terri, April 18, 2001

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