Alex Tribute To Terri Shumsky
I never met Terri and learned about her through and then through Yorkieland. It didn't take me long to realize the impact she had on the Yorkshire Terrier breed and where her heart lay. She was truly an amazing and dedicated person and I'm sure more people have learned about the breed and liver shunt and other genetic diseases because of her diligence. It is truly a sad time in the YT world. But it is also gratifying to know that she and her loving husband left together as it seems neither one wanted to be left behind. I bet they are so happy to be back with Fannie Mae!

Toni Lowery

Tribute to Terri from Terry Van Kirk at DaZHill Yorkies
Tribute to Terri from DeeGee in Sunapee, NH
Tribute to Terri from Paulette "barbie" Young
Tribute to Terri from Barb Beck in Indiana, NW
Tribute to Terri from Donna, Roman, Mikey, Sweetie & Maxwell
Tribute to Terri and John from Deb, Family and the Ridgecrest Yorkies
Tribute to Terri and John from Valerie in Seattle with BeBe & Scootie
Tribute to Terri from Toni Lowery at Yorkieland
Tribute to Terri from Vicci Doyle
Tribute to Terri and John from Karen at Yorkieland
Tribute to Terri and John from Lois Doswell in Morgan Hill, CA
Tribute to Terri and John from Bill and Smoky
Tribute to Terri from Maxwell's Mom, Karen Coffey
Message posted FROM Terri, April 18, 2001

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